"Developed by the Towing and Recovery Association of America, TRAA, which is the national association representing the towing industry. The National Driver Certification Test is in its second year and has tested some 4000 Level 1 Towers, (light duty towing and recovery) and has advanced to certification of Level 2 MASTER TOWERS. The benefits of having a national certification have far-reaching positive effects for the tow operator, his company and the consumer. Well trained, professional tow truck drivers must be responsive, perceptive, knowledgeable, solution-oriented and prepared to deal effectively with all types of people in all types of situations."

We, at Discount Towing, believe in giving our customers the best service possible. We have successfully completed the Level 1 exam for light duty towing and recovery and the Level 2 exam for medium to heavy duty towing and recovery, thereby providing the safest and most efficient services possible to you, our customers.